This is a series of personal projects I've done to improve my skills and learn new techniques. My project workflow is:
Concept/idea, Find references, Blocking out main shapes, Low/high poly, Texturing, Lighting, Animating and rendering. 
Ref: Ups! I didn’t realise you were there… (Enable sound)
Someone said “Your daily commute won’t ever be the same“.
Well, for me it is. I still find that guy on the tram. The unfortunate reality of social distancing in public transport ladies and gents.
Clay Render
Making of
Final Render
Ref: #GarlicNuts  - Ok kids, this weight won't go away by itself. I'll try to start a workout routine.
Wire-frame, Solid and Final composition.
Final Render
Ref: Life is Slippery.
Wire-frame, Solid and Final composition.
Ref: Lockdown driving up electricity costs :S
Wire-frame, Solid and Final composition.

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