The emerald
Step into the world of The Emerald, a stunning wedding venue nestled in the heart of Thomastown, Victoria. I created this magical experience in collaboration with The Emerald founders and helped them bring their vision to life. From designing a captivating website to developing an aspirational brand strategy. I wore many hats to make it happen.
My role
UI/UX design, Usability testing, Prototyping, Brand and identity design, Marketing collateral
Project team
Daniel, Monika and Nic

Stakeholders were wedding experts but had zero knowledge of design and websites. Plus, the wedding venue market in Melbourne was already saturated with well-established competitors. We had to find a way to stand out.
We started a design sprint, diving deep into the core problems and exploring potential solutions. We defined our target users, their pain points, and the unique market dynamics of Thomastown. Our mission was clear: position The Emerald as the premier wedding venue in the area.
We map the problem and identify the most important challenge to focus on. We define the concept of the brand and what makes them stand out from competitors:
The Emerald, a hidden gem venue in Thomastown. Then, we created a user experience map to gain valuable insights into user interactions on the website. This information was key to designing a seamless and coherent journey even outside the website. 
The Process
We had a solution sketches session that help me move forward with the wireframes step. We crafted a website and flow that captured the essence of The Emerald. Simple, aspirational, modern and clean.
User Testing
We put our creations to the test, gathering feedback from 10 potential and past customers through moderated usability testing. With the findings, we decided to remove certain pages from our project that were initially considered. Through valuable customer feedback and careful analysis, we realized that these pages lacked the perceived value our clients sought.
UI Specific
For the colour palette, I use green (Unlike other precious stones, emeralds are only green) and Orange as my primary and secondary colours. In terms of typography, I used "Cormorant typeface" for headings and "Inter typeface" for Bodycopys. This was a great combination that make the website look modern and aspirational. I recommended the team include stunning photography & videography of real weddings throughout the site, partner with Photographers and Videographers to have an updated inspirational page and start a strategic integrated marketing campaign so the website is visible and reachable to couples living in Thomastown.  
As a UX Designer at The Emerald wedding venue, I have made significant contributions to the brand by enhancing the understanding of user flow and designing an intuitive website. Since the launch of the redesigned website, The Emerald has experienced a substantial increase in the number of bookings, leading to higher customer satisfaction and business growth.
By continuing to prioritize user experience and implementing user-centric design principles, The Emerald can expand its offerings to cater to a wider range of users and events. Through ongoing research and iterative design processes, they will continue to refine and enhance the website to meet the evolving needs and preferences of users.
My contributions were completed when I handoff the project for development.

Today, The Emerald proudly stands out as a luxury venue at Thomastown.

Other assets
Although they were outside the scope of the UX project, I developed the logo, Instagram and social media assets, and overall branding based on feedback gathered from user testing sessions.

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