Footy is so much more than just a game, it is a vehicle that can help people integrate into society. Footy brings together Aussies from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life, where everyone is united by their love of the game.
The Western Bulldogs, other clubs and the AFL run programs to help integrate refugees, asylum seekers and other new migrants, but one cohort has not yet been considered; international students. How can we develop strategies to attract international students to the Western Bulldogs?
- Brand and identity design
- UX/UI and Low - High Fidelity prototypes
- Design system
- Marketing collateral
- Social media creatives
International students are from diverse communities, new to Australian rules and unaware of the game and local clubs. They face isolation and loneliness in their daily lives because they don't fully understand the Aussie language and the culture and on top of that is a game entirely foreign to them. How can the Western Bulldogs help bridge social division between International students and locals If they seem to have nothing in common?
Bring together those who know about Footy and those who want to learn and engage with locals. Die-hard Doggy supporters and International students to remove barriers, improve diversity and close the gap.
This project provides a safe environment to introduce a minority group, the International students, to AFL's local culture. The club needs to push this initiative because many international students choose to apply for permanent residency after they graduate.
Research Methods
Customer interviews, Market research analysis, prototype testing, A/B testing and Information Architecture. 
We conducted 10 interviews with international students in Melbourne to understand and explore students' pain points and challenges. They are between the ages of 25 to 32, of both sexes and represent the following countries: South Africa, India, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela and China. 
These interviews aimed to understand personal relationships with locals and their thoughts about Footy. We also conducted desk research to collect data and insights that deepened our understanding of the problem to know what has already been accomplished by the Doogies and other ALF teams regarding this minority group.
"If you want to connect with somebody, you just have to talk", Lola Noiraud, a VU student from Italy. Sports are a great way to break the ice with strangers because it helps connect and bond. A real footy fan can endlessly talk about historical matches, player stats, and legendary players they love and hate. If they love talking about it so much, let them talk. On the other hand, International students want to engage with locals, but usually, they don't find exciting topics both have in common.
#The Pack is a simple initiative to help create natural connections between internationals and locals. The Pack is a school built by the Mighty West where current Doggies' supporters teach overseas students everything they know about the game, the footy lingo and the club.
It is all about bringing people together to talk about Footy. Classes are delivered from venues such as Bakers cafe in Footscray, The Railway Hotel in Yarraville and The Plough Hotel in Footscray.
I developed a design system in Figma to keep everything consistent. Photoshop was used to edit all the images and keep the colours and style consistent
To make this idea possible, we need to recruit leaders of the Pack and students. 
Our teachers are die-hard Doggy supporters who love the team and the sport with all their hearts. Those who watch every game, and when they can't, listen to it on the radio or read about it in the sports section. Regardless if the team makes it to the final, they still call it a good season, and if the team loses, they genuinely believe, "We will get them next time" They are the leaders of this Pack. Members of the community and volunteers who teach and pass this passion on to new generations.
Using ads that only true fans will understand. The main goal is that Western Bulldog supporters learn about the initiative and want to be part of it.
The type of students that we are targeting are those who love practising and watching sports but don't know anything about Footy. They can adapt quickly to changes and want to feel included and actively engage with the Australian community. 
Footy can connect us even if we're different. This project builds a more diverse and inclusive sport that reflects the community where we live, work and play. The priorities of The Western Bulldogs include promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for all to help create a future where everyone can thrive. This project achieves the goal of integrating a minority group because regardless of background, gender identity, ability or aspiration, everyone should have the resources it needs to thrive and be part of society.

International students are a community that sometimes is overlooked. It has been rewarding to work on this project to support a community I am part of. This project was presented to The Western Bulldogs as part of a requested project sponsor by Victoria University. Hopefully, this type of initiative will open the doors to more brands talking and creating opportunities to improve inclusion and diversity in the community.

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