👋 Hola, I'm Nico Montana, and I design and build interfaces, primarily for the web. 
My design approach includes research, prototypes and user testing. Since the beginning of my career, I have been in constant professional development, which is how I have gained my digital skills. 
💼 I have worked on small and large teams. Sometimes  I am responsible for creating brands and digital products from idea to implementation. Other times I work with specialists in different areas, collaborate with them, and provide my visual design expertise to make digital products that are functional and beautiful.
I can adapt to different tools when needed, but these days I mainly use Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figjam, WordPress and Elementor.
🧾 Having recently completed a Master of Digital Media from Victoria University, I'm well-equipped to strive towards making products and designs better and more available to users.
Outside of design, you can find me practicing my BBQ skills, dancing salsa, hiking and visiting different local cafes and restaurants.
👋 Wanna chat?
Email: ux.montana@gmail.com 
or give me a call: 0416 308 969
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